How to choose wine for a party to please everyone: sommelier tips

Maria Tsikhotska

How to choose wine for a party to please everyone: sommelier tips

Choosing wine for a party is not an easy task. Sommelier Ilona Turnanba says that choosing a wine for a party can be a fascinating quest. She provides some useful tips for a successful choice.

Find out your guests' preferences

Try to determine what types of wine your guests like best: red, white, or sparkling. This will allow you to make a shopping list.

Pay attention to the season

Choose wine based on the season. For example, in summer, a fresh white wine or sparkling wine will do, while in winter, a heavier red wine will be best.

Count the number of people

Consider the number of guests, counting about 2-3 glasses for each. You may need more than one bottle.

Set a budget

Set a budget for wine to limit your choices and select options that are affordable.

Food pairings

Consider food pairings if you plan to serve food. A light white wine can go well with seafood, while a red wine can go well with steak or cheese.

Consult a wine expert

If possible, seek the advice of a sommelier to make the right choice.

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