How a cat's coloring helps or hinders the owner in life: omens and superstitions

Ihor Romanko

How a cat's coloring affects a person's life

Ancient Chinese traditions harbor many intriguing and valuable concepts. One of them is the doctrine of feng shui, which teaches us how to enhance the quality of our lives by understanding the energy of the space around us.

The fundamental principle of feng shui is to comprehend the interaction of opposites known as yin and yang. According to this doctrine, a cat possesses special energy, and the color of its fur can impact the human energy field, cleansing it or charging it, as reported by Ukr.Media.

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Examples of various cat colors

In Japan, it is believed that three-colored cats bring happiness and prosperity to their owners. The Chinese feng shui doctrine shares this viewpoint as well. Love and harmony consistently reign in the households where such cats reside. Their owners frequently attain elevated positions in their careers because profitable opportunities are naturally drawn to them.

The energy of white cats

Cats with white fur have long been regarded as healers and peacemakers. If a white cat dwells in the home, the owners are almost guaranteed love and the absence of conflicts. Mutual understanding and harmony always prevail between lovers, conflicts are minimized, and one can completely forget about betrayal. If a white cat resides in a family with children, it makes them stronger. Incidentally, pets with a light gray hue have similar characteristics.

The influence of black cats

Despite the age-old superstitions about black cats symbolizing bad luck, they can be incredibly potent talismans for their owners. Cats with black fur are capable of purifying their owners' energy, dispelling and neutralizing negativity. Another advantage is that black cats assist in combating jealousy and anger, helping individuals let go of grudges and accelerating the expulsion of traitors from their midst.

Red cats and wealth

In various cultures, kittens with a red coat are considered money magnets. They attract gold coins or large banknotes as if by magic. Cats with red, peach, and golden colors infuse the house with energies of happiness, joy, and good fortune. Consequently, individuals who spend ample time near a red cat absorb this positive energy.

Cats are regarded as one of the most enigmatic pets, accompanied by numerous signs and beliefs linked to their presence. Many of these omens relate to the behavior of cats.

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