How not to cut bread to avoid trouble

Kateryna Dutik

Why you can't cut bread from both ends at once - how to cut bread correctly
How not to cut bread

For Ukrainians, bread is not only a material thing but also a kind of amulet and shrine. It is kissed and used for rituals, so it is not surprising that many signs and traditions have developed around it.

People call bread "holy", "God's gift", "father", and "head". No meal in Ukraine is complete without bread.

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According to popular belief, you should not cut bread as follows:

1. From both ends at once. This can lead to financial problems, losses, or even death.

2. Upside down. This can lead to family discord or even divorce.

3. Tearing with your hands. This is considered disrespectful to bread, which is a symbol of prosperity and well-being.

4. On a table that is not covered with a tablecloth. This is also considered disrespectful to bread.

5. With a knife that has been used to cut something else. This can lead to the bread being tasteless or even poisonous.

Here are some tips on how to cut bread properly:

  • Cut bread from one end at a time. This will help prevent it from falling apart.
  • Cut bread with a sharp knife. This will help you make even, smooth cuts.
  • Cut the bread into small pieces. This will help you avoid making it stale.
  • Cut bread on a table that is covered with a tablecloth. This will show that you respect the bread.
  • Use a separate knife for bread. This will help you avoid spoiling the bread with other foods.

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