How to perfectly wash windows without streaks: all the most effective ways

Ihor Romanko

How to clean windows to a shine without streaks

Window cleaning is an unpleasant but necessary chore that you need to pay attention to in order to avoid unpleasant streaks and ensure safety, especially if you live on high floors.

Make sure that you choose the right weather for window cleaning, avoiding a strong hot day when the detergent can dry quickly and leave marks, vikna.tv writes.

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The main steps of window cleaning include washing the window sill, removing curtains and mosquito nets, washing the window frame, and only then proceed to washing the glass. A solution of vinegar or lemon juice can serve as an effective cleaning agent, and you should use a spray bottle and a soft cloth to wipe.

Newspaper is a traditional method that absorbs moisture well and leaves the glass shiny. Another alternative is a salt solution, which will cope with minor dirt, giving the glass an incredible shine. Ammonia solution, although it has a pungent odor, does not leave streaks on the glass. Remember that it is important to be careful and follow safety rules when cleaning windows.

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