How and when to sow zucchini for seedlings: gardening tips

Ihor Romanko

When to sow zucchini for seedlings
When to sow zucchini for seedlings

Thanks to the seedling method, you can get an early harvest of zucchini, grow them in greenhouses, and enjoy delicious and healthy fruits throughout the season.

Do not overexpose the seedlings, otherwise the roots will be damaged during transplantation. Provide zucchini with enough moisture and sunlight. Take care of the plants regularly to get a high yield, writes zaxid.net.

Advantages of the seedling method:

  • Early harvest.
  • The ability to grow zucchini in greenhouses.
  • Strong and healthy plants.

When to sow seeds:

  • 20-25 days before transplanting into the ground.
  • Favorable days:
    • March: 1-6, 13, 14, 17-19, 26-31.
    • April: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11, 14, 15, 21-23, 25-30.
    • For zucchini: March 13-19, April 10-15.

Preparation for sowing:

  • Soak the seeds in warm water for 3 hours (optional).
  • Prepare the substrate: peat and sand (2:1), optionally add humus and ash.
  • Choose containers with drainage holes.

Sow the seeds:

  • Make furrows 3 cm deep.
  • Plant the seeds at a distance of 10 cm from each other.
  • Plant 2 seeds in the cups.
  • Pour warm water over them.
  • Cover with foil until germination.

Seedling care:

  • Water with lukewarm water every 4-5 days.
  • Provide good lighting.
  • After emergence, remove the film.
  • Harden the seedlings before transplanting.

Transplanting into the ground:

  • Transplant zucchini 25 days after sowing.
  • Do not bury the plants.
  • Water with lukewarm water.

Further care:

  • Water regularly.
  • Feed with complex fertilizer.
  • Weed and loosen the soil.
  • Protect from pests and diseases.

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