How to lose weight quickly: a popular drink will help

Maria Tsikhotska

How to lose weight quickly: a popular drink will help
Pepper tea will help you lose weight

Plain tea with the addition of a popular spice, pepper, can help you lose weight effectively and quickly. Pepper contains a substance called piperine, which gives it its spicy flavor. Piperine also effectively breaks down fat cells and supports metabolism. It increases the release of heat energy, which leads to an increase in the consumption of energy resources of the body. Pysznosci.pl writes about this.

Piperine primarily affects adipose tissue, the main energy source in the human body. In addition, pepper also stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, improving digestion.

However, the spicy spice can hurt people who suffer from heartburn. Therefore, those who struggle with high acidity should be careful with pepper.

In addition to losing weight, pepper in tea is useful for warming a cold body. It fights inflammation, has a diaphoretic effect, and can cure the upper respiratory tract in case of a cold.

How to make pepper tea for weight loss

It is best to use whole peppercorns – no more than 1/4 spoon per glass of drink.

Insist for 5 minutes, strain. After cooling, you can add honey, lemon, raspberry jam, or juice to taste. Add a little ginger to enhance the effect.

To enhance the effect of pepper, combine it with turmeric. Piperine improves the body's absorption of curcumin, a substance with anti-cancer properties. In addition, turmeric supports metabolism.

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