How to get rid of hiccups quickly: an impressive lifehack

Maria Tsikhotska

How to get rid of hiccups quickly: an impressive lifehack

Hiccups are an unpleasant phenomenon that can occur suddenly and spoil all plans. Usually people fight it with sips of water, holding their breath or bending over.

But there is another, unusual, but effective way - to sing!

Researchers at the University of Miami claim that hiccups do not occur while singing.

"We have never heard of anyone hiccuping or coughing while singing," say the researchers.

Radiotrack writes about it.

How it works.

Singing forces us to focus on our breathing, diaphragm, and vocalizations. This, in turn, changes our habitual breathing rate and shifts our attention, which can help get rid of hiccups.

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The next time hiccups befall you, don't rush to gulp water or hold your breath. Sing any song that you like and the hiccups should recede.


  • Sing clearly, audibly, using your diaphragm.
  • Do not sing too loudly to avoid hurting your vocal cords.
  • If the hiccups do not go away within 5-10 minutes, try other methods.

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