How to deal with yellowing violets: an effective method

Maria Tsikhotska

How to deal with yellowing violets: an effective method

Violets are quite demanding in terms of care, so flower growers often face the problem of yellowing leaves and falling flowers. To avoid this, it is important to follow the rules of care and avoid common mistakes, writes prostoway.

One of the most common mistakes is insufficient soil and air humidity. It is better to have a bowl or jar of water on the windowsill to provide the necessary level of humidity and water the flower regularly.

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If violets are exposed to a draft, it can also cause yellowing as it is stressful for them.

As for the mistakes related to lighting, we should highlight the excessive exposure to both sunlight and artificial light. Bright light in all its forms can be harmful to this houseplant. It is recommended to install a special film on the window to protect the violet from direct sunlight and avoid burns to the leaves and flowers.

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