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Before separation and quarrels: why you shouldn't eat with a knife

Maria Tsikhotska

Before separation and quarrels: why you shouldn't eat with a knife

Our ancestors also revered the knife. They used it for various rituals, to protect themselves from the enemy and evil spirits. They say you can't eat with a knife. Why, UaPortal found out.

Signs and customs associated with the knife

Those who eat with a knife will be evil and cruel.

Eating with a knife means you will be stupid.

To eat with a knife is to spoil your energy.

If you eat with a knife, you can lose family happiness and divorce your partner. There will be quarrels and fights in the family.

Constantly eating with a knife leads to illness and loss of strength.

Also, you should not lick food off the knife, because you can get very sick or die.

Do not rush to pick up the knife from the ground. It could have been thrown during the ritual to harm you.

In ancient times, boys gave girls small knives to protect them from evil spirits.

It used to be customary to bury a person with a knife.

To protect a child from witches and evil spirits, a special knife was hidden under his or her duvet.

Pregnant women were advised to sleep with a knife under their pillow to keep the child healthy.

Men were forbidden to eat with a knife: they would be angry and go bald.

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Practical warnings

The ban on eating with a knife is understandable: you can damage your tongue or mouth. And using a knife as a fork is illogical and inconvenient.

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