Crispy verguns: a recipe from childhood

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Crispy verguns: a recipe from childhood
Crispy verguns: a recipe from childhood



I got acquainted with crispy verguns in Poltava when I was studying at a technical school, at the age of 15. But I forgot the recipe over time, and I really wanted to recover it, because this impression from my childhood never left me. I only remembered that it contained sour cream, vodka, eggs, and, of course, flour.


- 2 eggs

- A pinch of salt

- A pinch of sugar

- 100g of homemade sour cream (35%)

- 30g vodka

- 270-330g flour

- 500g frying oil

- 100g powdered sugar


Mix eggs with sour cream, sugar and salt, add vodka and knead a simple dough.

It should not be too soft, but not too stiff.

I let it stand in the cold for 30 minutes and then roll it out thinly.

You can add flour as needed - watch the consistency of the dough!

Cut the dough into diamonds, with a cut in the middle through which I pull one corner and deep-fry it.

I sprinkle the finished products generously with powdered sugar!

If the sour cream is not so fatty, you can add a little butter to the dough 25-30 g