Housewives shared how to protect cereals from bugs

Maria Tsikhotska

Housewives shared how to protect cereals from bugs

There are many different types of cereals that we eat and store at home after buying. However, failure to follow the storage rules can lead to the appearance of bugs or moths in these products.

Unian has provided some tips on how to properly store cereals at home.

To understand how to store cereals to avoid the appearance of insects, it is important to know that the larvae of these insects can be in the product already at the time of purchase, and you need to be careful when choosing. Therefore, after purchasing cereals, it is better to heat them in a frying pan. Mostly, it is important to consider the storage conditions of cereals to prevent the appearance of moths. It is not recommended to store them in simple plastic bags or leave them in their original packaging. Glass jars or containers made of ceramic or metal are best for storing cereals. It is important to always close them tightly and store them in a dark place.

You can also use folk methods to repel bugs. To do this, put garlic, bitter pepper, or bay leaf in a container with cereal. You can also place sachets of lavender, wormwood, cloves, or mint in the cabinet where you store your cereal. To maintain optimal storage conditions, regularly wipe the shelves with vinegar.

Pay attention to storage conditions. To preserve the product, you should choose a dry and warm place, avoiding direct sunlight. It is not recommended to store cereals in basements, uninsulated balconies, or in the refrigerator as low temperatures and high humidity can lead to rapid product spoilage. The best choice is a kitchen cabinet or a special pantry.

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