Cotton or viscose: which fabric is best for bedding

Maria Tsikhotska

Cotton or viscose: which fabric is best for bedding

Choosing bed linen is an important task because you want the fabric to be of high quality and pleasant to the touch, without pills and snags, and not lose its color. TSN will tell you how to choose the right bedding.

How to choose bedding: material options

Here is a list of the most common materials for bedding sets to make it easier to understand their advantages and disadvantages.


The most popular material for bedding sets. Cotton does not fade, does not tear, and absorbs moisture perfectly. At high temperatures, it can shrink in size, but it is a high-quality, albeit not cheap, choice that requires ironing.


An economical option that can be of any color. It does not wrinkle or shrink, stays bright for a long time, and absorbs moisture and odors. However, due to its synthetic properties, it is not breathable and can be uncomfortable to sleep in the heat.


Expensive, but has a luxurious look and collects the least bacteria. Besides slipping, it also requires special care when washing and ironing.


Made of cellulose, is pleasant to the touch and breathable, but absorbs moisture poorly. Not suitable for summer heat and requires careful maintenance.


Pleasant for the body, environmentally friendly and can withstand repeated washing. It has high thermoregulation and does not form pills, but it can be expensive and wrinkle.

What bedding is the best in quality: options for weaving threads

Manufacturers often indicate the weave of threads rather than the material. There are several weaving options.


Made of two types of threads, where the wrong side is rough and the right side is smooth. It is pleasant to the touch and ideal for winter but can be uncomfortable in the heat.


Crosswise weaving. It is a cheap option that retains heat and allows air to pass through. It is unpretentious in care.

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A thinner, shinier and more pleasant to the body option that costs less than satin.


Hypoallergenic and high-quality material that stretches well and is ideal for sheets with an elastic band. The best option is cotton knitwear.

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