Experts have advised which dog breeds should be given warm clothing

Maria Tsikhotska

Experts have advised which dog breeds should be given warm clothing

There are general tips for choosing clothes for dogs in the cold season. If your breed is not on the list, then you should carefully monitor your four-legged friend while walking.

This was reported by Ukr.media.

In general, winter clothing is recommended for dogs without an undercoat or short-haired breeds. You should also be attentive to short-legged breeds, such as corgis, Japanese chin, dachshunds, and all miniature dogs, such as Pekingese, Hawaiian bichon, and French bulldog.

The group of "bald" breeds includes, for example, the Chinese crested dog and the naked terrier. But even some hunting dog breeds can feel the cold.

It is also important to remember about clothes for elderly dogs, pregnant and nursing dogs.

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Symptoms of dog hypothermia include fatigue, shivering, and a drop in body temperature. In this case, the dog will try to find a warm place.

The choice of clothing should take into account weather conditions, breed characteristics, and comfort for the dog. The size of the clothing should match your dog's size, including neck, chest, and back length. In addition to clothing, you can also consider dog shoes, but it can be difficult for your pet to get used to them.

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