Experts explained why married couples are better off sleeping separately in winter

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Experts explained why married couples are better off sleeping separately in winter

According to surveys conducted by US polling company YouGov, about one in six people dream of sleeping in a different bed or room from their partner when it comes to long-term relationships. This phenomenon, known as 'sleep divorce', can arise from differences in sleep patterns and cause tension in relationships.

Sleep expert from Sleepseeker, Cora Habinakova, notes that it's not necessarily an indication of relationship problems, but may indicate restless sleep, especially in the winter when sleep quality becomes even more important, Newsweek writes.

Studies show that people tend to sleep more in the winter and get more restorative sleep. Reduced sunlight and colder temperatures can affect this sleep gain. Also in winter, some people experience seasonal affective disorder and proper sleep can help overcome these adversities.

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While total sleep can be beneficial for some couples, it can be a challenge for others. Different sleep patterns, snoring, or a partner's restless sleep can affect the quality of sleep and, consequently, the relationship.

Cora Habinakova recommends that couples who are struggling with sleep problems try "sleep divorce" as a way to improve sleep quality and avoid conflict. However, as clinical psychologist Michael Breus points out, this doesn't mean giving up co-sleeping altogether. He advises increasing mattress size, addressing snoring problems and making the room more comfortable for sleeping.

In recent years, the concept of sleep divorce has become a topic of discussion among scientists and sleep specialists. This reflects a trend towards an increased focus on sleep health and its impact on mental and physical well-being. While this phenomenon doesn't automatically mean relationship problems, it is a reminder of the importance of healthy sleep for a couple's overall well-being.

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