Experts explain where to keep eggs to prevent them from spoiling

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Experts explain where to keep eggs to prevent them from spoiling

Eggs are kept in a cupboard in many homes. According to most experts, this is not the best place. Experts advise keeping raw eggs in the refrigerator.

According to chef Anna Williams, there is only one place for them. She said that eggs should not be kept in ceramic boxes or the refrigerator door, according to Express.co.uk.

The chef suggested freeing up space in the middle of the refrigerator instead. This should extend the shelf life of eggs.

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Unlike other parts of the refrigerator, the middle shelf has the most constant temperature. The chef explained that the cardboard boxes provide the perfect level of protection, and they will also have an expiration date on them.

However, leftover eggs that have been broken need to be stored somewhat differently. Anna recommended keeping the whites and yolks in separate, closed bowls away from other ingredients.

This is because bacteria can form on porous eggshells, which can easily contaminate whole eggs.

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