Experts explain the dangers of mummified fruits in the garden

Bylim Olena

Experts explain the dangers of mummified fruits in the garden

In November, gardeners who care about the future harvest of their plantations prepare bushes and trees for wintering.

According to the Telegram channel "Dacha. Garden and Vegetable Garden, it is necessary to remove all the fruits on trees and bushes before winter so that they do not suffer from them.

"Inspect the trees and shrubs. Remove mummified fruits - they are sources of infections. Treat the garden for pests and diseases, if necessary," experts advise.

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It is noted that during this period it is worth preparing a lawn area. To do this, clear the ground of weeds, stones, and other debris. "Tamp the soil firmly. You can sow the seeds in November or spring," experts say.

As for the mummified fruits that were not removed from trees and bushes in time, experts advise to get rid of them along with the fallen leaves. It is noted that rotten and diseased fruits should not be used as fertilizer, as they will become the center of disease spread on the soil.

For example, apples that have fallen off or are still hanging on the tree can become fertilizer for fruit bushes such as currants, raspberries, gooseberries, and mountain ash. Only use fruits without obvious signs of fungal infections.

To do this, prepare a ditch about 15-20 cm deep and 20 cm from the trunk of the bush. Finely chop the apples, mix them with soil or grass clippings. Fill the groove with the mixture, then cover it with fallen leaves and humus. The last layer should be garden soil.

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