Experts name top 5 fruits that cause weight gain

Maria Tsikhotska

Experts name top 5 fruits that cause weight gain

We are all used to thinking that fruit can be consumed on a diet. But this is not true. Due to their high calorie content, some fruits are allowed only in very limited quantities.

This is what Radiotrack writes about.


Coconut flesh contains a large amount of fat, which can be dangerous for the waistline and heart.


Sweet mangoes can also be dangerous for the figure, so it is important to control the amount of consumption of this delicious fruit.


Bananas are also high in calories, and even a small amount of overeating can lead to excessive weight gain in the abdomen and hips.

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Persimmon lovers should also be careful. This fruit contains a lot of sugar.


Grapes are one of the most insidious fruits, especially if they are very sweet. The sweeter the variety, the more you risk your figure.

So, those who are worried about their figure or struggle with being overweight should control their consumption of these fruits and limit it to twice a week.

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