Experts name the devices that invisibly increase electricity bills

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Experts name the devices that invisibly increase electricity bills

Some electronic devices still consume electricity even when they are in standby mode. This way, electricity bills go up unnoticed.

Energy experts have named the devices that consume electricity in standby mode. This was reported by Express.co.uk.

Kitchen appliances

Some of the biggest spenders in the kitchen include the microwave, which consumes about four watts when not in use, and the coffee maker.

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TVs consume a little energy when they are in standby mode, so it is always best to turn them off when not in use.

Game consoles

Standby mode uses power to detect software updates and enter voice commands or remote controls. Most consoles have a "power saving mode". Check your console's instruction manual to learn how to activate it.


If your computer is left plugged in, it still uses electricity. PC monitors consume the same amount as TVs in standby mode.

Cell phones and chargers

If you leave your phone plugged in, it continues to consume electricity, but if you leave the charger without the phone connected, the amount of electricity it consumes will be small.

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