Experts have named mistakes in the care of orchids that can "kill" the plant

Bylim Olena

Experts have named mistakes in the care of orchids that can 'kill' the plant

With the onset of the winter months, indoor plants, including orchids, will begin to go dormant. During this period, orchids are especially in need of proper care.

Experts from the Express shared common mistakes that can "kill" an orchid.

Insufficient amount of sunlight

One of the most common mistakes made by orchid owners is insufficient sunlight. As with all plants, sunlight is essential for an orchid to be able to convert light into energy and produce beautiful blooms.

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Most orchids thrive in bright but indirect sunlight, so east or west facing windowsills are ideal for most of the year. Never place the houseplant in direct sunlight, otherwise the plant risks leaf burns.

Incorrect watering

Another common mistake is over- or under-watering. Orchids do not like too much water, but they also do not like to dry out. To prevent over or under watering, always check the moisture content of the compost first to make sure it needs water. It is best to water the plant when the potting mix is almost dry, but not completely.

You can also lightly spray water on the orchid to increase the humidity, but be careful not to soak the leaves or leave them wet as this can lead to mold, rot, or fungus.

Insufficient nutrition

Finally, orchids also like to be "fed". For "optimal growth", they need a unique mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. You can find special fertilizers for orchids at most garden centers.

Additional tips for caring for orchids in winter:

  • Lower the ambient temperature. Orchids like to be cool, so if you can, move them to a cooler room, such as a bathroom.
  • Reduce the frequency of watering. Orchids do not need as much water during the winter months as they do in the summer.
  • Do not fertilize orchids too often. Orchids don't grow as fast in the winter months, so you don't need to fertilize them as much as you do in the summer.

As a reminder, we have already written what is forbidden to do when growing an orchid.

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