Heating expert explains how not to overpay for heat: pay attention to radiators

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Heating expert explains how not to overpay for heat: pay attention to radiators

There are many ways to save money on your electricity and heating bills. For example, you can place foil behind radiators to increase heat gain.

Heating experts have shared a simple technique that will not only make radiators more efficient but also heat homes faster. This was reported by Express.co.uk.

If the radiator is cold at the top when it is turned on, it probably needs to be pumped. This is to release the air that has accumulated in them.

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Releasing any air trapped in the radiators will reduce any built-up pressure in the system to allow heat to be released more quickly to warm the room. To remove air pockets from radiators, you will need to use a radiator air vent wrench.

Removing trapped air from radiators will ensure that the battery operates at maximum efficiency and also reduces the pressure in the heating system.

Using the radiator bleeder wrench, open the bleeder valve at the top of the radiator, allowing air to escape and collecting any drips with a cloth.

After that, adjust the boiler pressure according to the user manual. Air should be removed from the radiators when the central heating system is off and the radiators are cold.

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