Dessert that heals nerve cells

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Dessert that heals nerve cells
Dessert that heals nerve cells


I have often thought about the fact that a huge part of modern food is gradually and very quickly sinking into oblivion.

This applies to so-called industrially processed foods, i.e. those in which, in addition to the product itself, which is dried out and changed beyond recognition, there is a bunch of chemicals (emulsifiers, preservatives, all kinds of "improvers", "enhancers", "identical to natural") – a silent poison that kills our body, brain and our years on earth.

For example, some preservatives destroy neurons, lead to depression, and are involved in ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in children. Whether they kill beneficial intestinal microflora and change human behavior. Whether they provoke carcinogenesis.

The world is changing, and so are the rules of the game, that is life.

There are more and more people who understand that food is much more than just filling the stomach and satisfying hunger.

That is why smart manufacturers should spend their efforts and money not on coming up with "cool" advertising, but on developing future technologies that will allow people to become healthier. And this means close cooperation with science, biochemists, anti-age scientists, and medical practitioners.

Of course, by the time the era of new people comes into force, many modern people living by their rules of "I don't care", "what does it matter", "life is not the same without cake" will simply die out. This is also a rule of life, because the stronger survives, in this case, the one who makes efforts, moves moderately, pays attention to what he eats, perceives life positively, and is always ready for change.

And yet, we live in an amazing time because we can influence our lives, we can change them, and we can be masters of our destiny. It is incredible. That's why each of us can make a dessert that will improve our nerve cells, help them work better and more efficiently, and make us feel happy.


BERRIES: chokeberry, raspberry, currant – a glass of the mixture.

CHIA SEEDS: half a glass.

FLAX SEEDS: half a glass.

BANANA: half a cup.

CINNAMON (powder): 1 incomplete teaspoon.

– Dissolve chicory powder in a full glass of very warm water and divide this drink into 2 glasses.

– In the first one, soak the chia seeds and leave them for an hour.

– Do the same with flax seeds.

– Defrost the berries and beat them with a banana.

– Mix all three ingredients and let it brew for another 10 minutes.

Why this dessert is useful.

1. It nourishes the beneficial intestinal bacteria, i.e. strengthens the intestinal wall's defense against the penetration of many harmful substances (and believe me, there are enough of them, even with the air you breathe in while walking along the street with cars passing by).

2. Promotes better digestion of food in general, because a greater variety of intestinal microflora = better digestion.

3. Contains vegetable omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for neurons and for the liver, preventing the accumulation of fat in it.

4. Berries are a source of polyphenols, which not only rejuvenate the microflora but also strengthen the blood vessels of the brain.

5. Chia and flax seeds are a source of lignans, a special type of fiber that not only absorbs all the harmful things in the intestines, but also is a quality food for nourishing the beneficial microflora, and has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. This dessert-cure is especially useful for those who suffer from stomach and intestinal inflammation, abdominal pain, etc.

6. If you decide to supplement it with coffee, don't forget to add a little cinnamon to the coffee – it normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure, and is good for the heart. But coffee after 1 or 2 p.m. is not recommended, because you may have trouble sleeping, and sleep is one of the factors in staying young.

"Who is Zhanna Kalman?" you may ask. Zhanna Louise Kalman is the longest living person on earth, as officially confirmed by science: 122 years and 164 days. She did not lead a healthy lifestyle. But we are also lucky because modern science has proven that many components of food can affect the activation of genes associated with longevity. This jelly has many such components.