It's not about the amount of oil: Why your patties and cheesecakes are constantly burning

Ihor Romanko

How to fry in a pan so that food does not burn

Cooking delicious cheese or meat dishes can be a challenge, especially when the food starts to burn. This nuisance can cause undue stress and extra time to eventually prepare an appetizer or main course.

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Culinary professionals say that the main mistake that leads to the dish burning is that the pan is not properly heated before frying. This leads to the fact that the cheesecakes, cutlets, pancakes, or other dishes are in the pan for too long, which leads to an unsatisfactory result.

To learn how to fry food without sticking, it is important to correctly determine the moment when the oil is sufficiently heated. Of course, with experience, this point becomes obvious, but for beginners, there is a simple way to determine it. When you have heated the pan and added the oil, watch the process.

If you notice that bubbles rise from the oil, similar to those that occur when water boils, it means that the oil is properly heated and you can start cooking your dish.

The outer brown crust will be crispy and appetizing, while the inside of the dish will remain juicy and tender. Enjoy the cooking and taste of your dishes using this useful life hack.

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