To keep your pet calm: How to train your puppy to stay home on its own

Ihor Romanko

To keep your pet calm: How to train your puppy to stay home on its own

 The problem of an animal that cannot be left to fend for itself becomes important and urgent for many pet owners,. This situation can be stressful for both the animal and its owner. There are several approaches that can help train the animal to be independent and reduce anxiety.

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Having interviewed veterinarian Victoria Sherstyuk and cynologist Vladislav Plakhtiy, pravda.com editions received useful information on this issue. It is emphasized that each animal has its own characteristics, so the approach to accustoming to independence may differ. However, there is a general principle - gradualism and step-by-step approach.

Kinologist Vladislav Plakhtiy noted  that the anxiety of the animal when its left alone may be the result of its previous experience or violations of socialization. For each animal this anxiety is expressed differently. Some animals require more attention and socialization, while others may be less anxious.

The dog behaviorist recommends starting the process of teaching independence in gradual stages. The first stage includes exercises with tasty treats and creating positive associations. The main goal of this stage is to teach the animal to endure and wait without anxiety. In these exercises, it is important that the owner is at a small distance from the animal, avoiding anxious reactions.

The second stage consists of creating associations with the owner's departure. In this case, the owner imitates leaving and then returns. It is important that the dog gets used to the idea that the owner always returns. This exercise should be performed several times in a row, increasing the duration of the leaving each time.

The third stage involves imitating various actions such as getting dressed, putting on shoes, banging keys, and going out the door. The goal of this stage is to reduce the pet's reaction to these actions and teach the pet to remain calm while the owner leaves.

It is important to remember that teaching your pet to be independent requires patience and a gradual approach. Sometimes it takes a few days to achieve positive results. Constant attention and love for the animal are also important factors that contribute to reducing its anxiety.

As for feeding, experts recommend feeding the dog twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, which will avoid problems with leaving food during the day, but only leaving the bowl with water.

It is important to note that the law of Ukraine prohibits leaving the dog tethered in public places, so it is recommended to perform exercises on sites for walking animals.

In general, accustoming the animal to independence requires time and patience, but with the right approach and affection, this anxiety can be overcome.

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