What is forbidden to do in the cemetery: the strictest prohibitions

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What is forbidden to do in the cemetery: the strictest prohibitions
Old cemetery

Visiting the graves of deceased loved ones is an ancient tradition that goes back centuries. Many folk beliefs and superstitions are associated with this ritual.

In particular, you cannot go to the cemetery at night. It is believed that evil spirits are activated at night in the cemetery and can harm the living.

It is also forbidden to visit the cemetery on Easter and Christmas holidays. These days are considered holy and should be spent in prayer and joy, not in the cemetery.

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A birthday is a day of new life, and it is not recommended to overshadow it by visiting a burial place.

According to belief, on critical days, women become more vulnerable to negative energy, so they should not go to the cemetery during menstruation.

Why can't you take anything from the cemetery?

Everything in the cemetery is believed to belong to the deceased. By taking something with you, you can take away a part of their energy, which can lead to problems with health, luck and well-being.

How to go to the cemetery?

Dress modestly and neatly. Take flowers, water, candles with you. Say hello to the dead and pray for them. Clean the grave and put flowers. Do not leave food or alcoholic beverages on the grave. Do not speak ill of the deceased. Wash your hands after visiting the cemetery.

How to behave correctly at the cemetery so as not to cause trouble:

Do not swear, do not laugh, do not speak loudly. Do not walk on graves. Do not take photos. Do not leave children unattended. Do not enter the cemetery if you feel unwell.

Remember that a cemetery is a place of mourning and remembrance. Be respectful and respectful there.

It is important to note that all these beliefs and superstitions have no scientific confirmation. Observing them is a personal choice of each person.

We offer to find out what should be carried to the cemetery on memorial days, and what not.

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