What does cat "nom nom nom" mean: experts explain the language of animals

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What does cat 'nom nom nom' mean: experts explain the language of animals

Cats, like humans, have their own unique way of communicating. They use different sounds to express their emotions, needs, and reactions to their environment.

One of the most common cat sounds is the "nom nom nom". You may hear it when your cat is eating or when she is expressing disapproval.

Does this mean that your cat is saying "nom nom nom" because he likes the food, experts from Animalreport.net explained.

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It is noted that while some cats make this sound when they are enjoying their food, most cats do so when they feel "food possession" or insecure while eating.

When a cat is eating, he may feel that his food may be taken away. This sound may be a way of telling other cats or people to stay away.

Of course, not all cats do this. Some cats may be silent while eating, while others may make other sounds, such as purring or hissing.

If you notice your cat making a "nom nom nom" sound while eating, it's important to pay attention. This could be a sign that your cat needs space while eating.

Understanding cat sounds can help you better connect with your feline friend.

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