What you should not do in the first days of the New Year, so as not to cause trouble

Ihor Romanko

What not to do in the first days of the New Year 2024
What not to do in the first days of the New Year 2024

On January 1, Ukraine celebrates the New Year. This holiday has a long history and is associated with many traditions and omens. One of the most famous traditional rituals for the New Year is sowing. On the morning of January 1, boys or men sow the owners of the house with grain, wishing them prosperity and happiness for the whole year.

Another tradition is to invite everyone to the festive table. This ritual is supposed to symbolize abundance and generosity. It is also believed that on January 1 it is good to help those in need. This act will bring good luck and protect from troubles for the whole year, writes RadioTrak.

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Folk omens for the New Year can tell about the weather, the harvest and the future. Here are some of them:

  • If there is fog or snow on Vasily - wait for a productive year.
  • If the wind blows outside on this day, there will be a bountiful harvest of nuts.
  • If it snows in the morning, winter will also be snowy, and spring will be late.

What you can not do in the first days of January

There are also a number of prohibitions for the New Year. It is believed that their violation can lead to misfortune.

Here are some of them:

  • You can not borrow money, otherwise you will live in poverty all year.
  • You can't do housework, otherwise you'll be working all year, not resting.
  • You can't take out the garbage, otherwise you'll take happiness out of your home.
  • You can't fight, quarrel, conflict and find out about relationships.
  • You can not be the first woman to enter the house on January 1, it is believed that this can bring bad luck in the new year.

These traditions and omens have been preserved in Ukraine for many centuries. They help people to create a festive atmosphere and believe in a better future.

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