What to add to coffee besides sugar to reduce bitterness: useful tips

Ihor Romanko

How to make coffee less bitter without sugar

If your coffee tastes too bitter, don't rush to pour it out. Even if you are a connoisseur of black coffee without sugar, another ingredient can help reduce the bitterness.

The experts at the Yaskrava Kava Instagram page reveal an unexpected ingredient that will help get rid of bitterness - salt. Add a pinch of salt to your drink, just a few crystals. Sodium ions eliminate the bitter taste, experts explain. They also note that in some countries, such as Norway, Turkey, and Hungary, drinking coffee with salt is a tradition.

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When it comes to brewing coffee in a cup, experts recommend considering some important points. Use fresh beans to bring out the full flavor and aroma. The grind is most often the finest for a clean and rich drink. The brewing water should be hot, with the ideal temperature being 90-95 degrees. After boiling, open the kettle for a minute to let the water cool down a bit. It is also recommended to pour boiling water over the cup before brewing to keep the drink warm.

Pour 1-2 tsp of finely ground coffee into 100-150 ml of water, cover the cup with a saucer, and let the drink brew for about 4 minutes. Before covering it with a saucer, you can add spices, sugar, chocolate, or anything else to your taste, experts advise. Such little things can significantly improve the taste and enjoyment of coffee.

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