What to do with eggs after buying them to make them last longer: an old and proven life hack

Ihor Romanko

You need to wash and coat the eggs with oil to make them last longer

My grandmother always took care of her eggs by following a particular procedure after buying them. This old method from the past, which helped preserve the product for a longer time, is an interesting example of using life hacks for egg preservation.

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Usually, chicken eggs can spoil at room temperature for 25 days. However, Soviet housewives managed to keep them in excellent condition for much longer thanks to one simple life hack, as reported by cxid.info.

This life hack from the past involved the following steps:

  1. After buying eggs, they were first washed and wiped well.
  2. Then, a thin layer of vegetable oil was applied to each egg, and they were allowed to dry.
  3. After that, each egg was wrapped in paper, placed in a basket, and stored in a dark place.
  4. As a result, a thin film formed on the shells, which prevented spoilage.

This trick can still be successfully used today. By applying this method in the refrigerator, eggs will remain fresh and retain their taste and quality for a longer period.

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