What to do with persimmons to ripen them at home: a simple life hack

Ihor Romanko

Where to put persimmons so that they ripen and become sweet

Persimmon season is in full swing, but sometimes it happens that when you come home from the market or store, you find that the fruits you bought are still unripe. However, there are ways to help you solve this problem.

This is reported by Novyny.LIVE. It is important to choose persimmons with a green tail. The greener it is, the fresher the persimmon is. This indicator can show the degree of fruit ripeness.

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If it turns out that the persimmon you bought is a little tart, don't worry. There are two effective ways to turn tart persimmons into sweet ones:

  1. The fruit method. You can put apples and tomatoes in the refrigerator along with persimmons. They give off ethylene gas, which helps persimmons ripen faster. This process usually takes about a day.
  2. Freezing. The second method involves washing the persimmons and placing them in the freezer for half a day. This method also helps to increase the sweetness of persimmons.

Persimmons naturally ripen in October, and their flavor becomes sweeter during their stay in the cold and frost. However, thawed persimmons are not always the best option for consumption as they become less dense under the skin when thawed and are difficult to wash to avoid damage.

It's also important to keep in mind that if persimmons have been treated with pesticides or not washed well enough, they may pose a health risk in the first place. Be careful and cautious, especially if you decide to use unripe fruit.

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