What parents should do if a child behaves aggressively: psychologists' advice

Ihor Romanko

What parents should do if a child behaves aggressively: psychologists' advice

Interaction with a child requires openness and patience. Creating an atmosphere of trust allows the child to express their feelings and prevents aggression.

If your child is behaving aggressively, give them the opportunity to talk about their emotions, which can lead to stressful situations, writes RadioTrek.

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  1. Teaching Emotion Management: Teach your child how to recognize and manage their emotions effectively. Give examples and outline how to express feelings in constructive ways, such as words, drawings, sports or hobbies.
  2. Creating Constructive Options: Activating aggressive energy through activity rather than blocking it with inhibitions can be a more constructive strategy. Allow your child to use their energy in a positive way, such as through sports or hobbies.
  3. Family atmosphere: Family atmosphere has a significant impact on a child's behavior. Children often imitate emotions and situations from home. Try to create a positive and safe environment where the child learns constructive conflict resolution.
  4. Reducing aggression as punishment: A cruel system of punishment leaves a negative mark. Using constructive methods can reduce aggression. Try to resolve conflicts verbally and demonstrate positive approaches.
  5. Positive parental influence: Take an interest in the child's interests and understand what the child is absorbing from different sources. Watch movies or read books together to review character behavior and teach the difference between right and wrong.
  6. Praisefor success: Praise your child for his or her accomplishments, which helps build self-esteem and confidence in his or her abilities. Parental support is key to improving behavior.
  7. Counseling: If aggression proves to be a serious problem, consult a psychologist or educator. Professional help can be effective in managing aggressive behaviors and providing the necessary support.

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