What to do to prevent pasta from sticking: cooking rules

Diana Bondarenko

What to do to prevent pasta from sticking: cooking rules
How to cook perfect pasta

Pasta seems to be a simple dish, but sometimes it turns out to be sticky. To avoid this problem, you should know a few culinary life hacks.

Taste of Home magazine shared them with us. To always enjoy perfect pasta that not only looks good but also tastes good, you need to:

Always add pasta to boiling water

This is the first and most important rule. Otherwise, the pasta may stick together and taste rubbery.

Don't forget to stir

To avoid lumps and clumping, it is important to stir the pasta actively during cooking.

Do not add oil to the water

Adding oil can prevent pasta from sticking together, but you shouldn't do this if you plan to add sauce later.

Sprinkle fresh noodles with flour

When making homemade pasta, it is important to use a lot of flour. It is important to sprinkle flour on the noodles before and after cutting.

Use plenty of water

Pasta cooks best in plenty of water. Also, don't forget to use a large pot.

Control the doneness

Learn to cook pasta al dente, which is a little harder on the inside. To do this, keep track of the cooking time.

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