What to do for good fishing: folk signs and superstitions

Ihor Romanko

What to do for good fishing: folk signs and superstitions

For many people, fishing helps them to relax and restore their energy. In this regard, it is useful to recall a few signs and superstitions associated with this activity.

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The sign that says that fishing should begin before dawn is explained by the fact that it is at this time that the maximum activity of fish occurs. However, it is impossible to scientifically prove this theory, as fish activity can depend on various factors, such as weather, time of year, and others.

Another sign states that fishermen should not talk about their catch until they have seen the first fish. This can be explained by the fact that talking about success can spoil it.

There is also a sign that if the phone rings while fishing, no more fish will be caught. This may be due to the desire to remain calm and concentrate on fishing.

Many fishermen follow the rule of putting the fish in the bucket head first. This can help to maintain calm and good luck while fishing. However, it is worth noting that following this rule has no scientific basis.

It is worth reminding that prohibitions and superstitions in Ukraine have played a significant role in shaping the country's cultural identity. Therefore, UAportal tells you about the most common superstitions and prohibitions that exist in Ukrainian everyday life and family life.

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