How to clean the mirror in the bathroom so that it doesn't fog up: a useful life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to clean the mirror in the bathroom so that it doesn't fog up

In the world of housekeeping, where there are many tricks and gimmicks to keep your home clean, sometimes the most unexpected solutions can be the most effective. One such unusual method is using shampoo to clean mirrors.

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Why take this step when there are special glass cleaners on the market? It turns out that purchased products do not always cope with fogging mirrors. This is where regular shampoo comes in, as reported by prostoway.

Start, as always, by washing the mirror as usual, and then you will only need a small amount of shampoo. Apply it to a soft cloth and treat the surface of the mirror. Use a clean cloth to rub the shampoo off so that it doesn't leave any streaks.

As a result, the mirror is not only clean but also protected from fogging by a thin and invisible layer of shampoo. This is a simple but effective way to preserve the quality of your reflection for several weeks.

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