How to fertilize soil at the end of November for a rich harvest next season

Ihor Romanko

How to fertilize the land in late fall to get a big harvest

Experienced gardeners are always looking for new ways to improve soil fertility, and one of the most effective life hacks is the use of bone meal.

This simple and affordable method not only allows you to fertilize the soil but also contributes to a bountiful harvest next season. Try this simple and effective method and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results in your garden, prostoway writes.

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In November, when you are preparing the garden for winter, the use of bone or fish meal becomes the most optimal. Simply dig up the soil and scatter it evenly or add it to the beds before mulching. It is recommended to use 50-100 grams for each square meter of soil, and you can also combine it with peat or compost.

Bone meal is a natural fertilizer rich in phosphorus, potassium, animal fats and biologically active substances. These components saturate the soil with the necessary elements, which helps to increase yields by about three times. The effect is especially noticeable in tomatoes and cabbage.

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