How to feed apricots during the flowering period so that many fruits are set

Ihor Romanko

How to feed apricots during flowering for a rich harvest
How to feed apricots during flowering for a rich harvest

Spring is a time not only for the awakening of nature, but also for active work in the garden. Apricot is one of the most common fruit trees in Ukraine.

By following these simple tips from the "Apostrophe" website, you will be able to grow an apricot tree on your plot, which will delight you with an abundant harvest of juicy fruits every year.

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To get an abundant harvest of sweet and fragrant fruits, it is important to properly care for the tree, in particular, to know what to feed it during flowering.

Why an apricot may not bear fruit:

  • Incorrectly selected location: the tree does not like stagnant water.
  • Too frequent or, on the contrary, rare watering.
  • Untimely pruning: it is important to remove excess branches so that the tree does not drop fertile buds.
  • Apricot roots reach groundwater.
  • The tree was planted in heavy clay or shade.
  • Lack of fertilizers: young trees lack nutrients for fruiting, and adults lack mineral fertilizers.

What to feed an apricot during flowering:

  • For better tying of fruits: 4 tbsp. l. urea, 4 tbsp. l. potassium sulfate and 20 liters of water. The soil around the tree is watered with this solution.
  • For abundant flowering and fruiting: organic fertilizers such as humus, manure or compost.

Feeding scheme:

  • The first time: before flowering, watering and fertilizing with manure or humus.
  • The second time: 2 weeks after the first.
  • The third time: a month after flowering, when ovaries appear on the branches.

Do not forget about regular watering, especially if there is little rainfall.

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