Budget and comfort: The 5 most popular wintertime wintertime tips for car drivers have been named

Ihor Romanko

The best wintertime auto safety tips for your car
The best wintertime auto safety tips for your car. Source: automarket.co.ua

Winter brings with it a host of hassles for drivers, including sweaty windows, icy roads and frozen ice. However, there are some simple and frugal (and sometimes completely free) life-saving (and sometimes downright free) driving life-saving flyhacks that can save you from misunderstandings during winter adversity.

Motor Biscuit reports that. With these simple tips, you can drive your car more efficiently in winter, avoid misunderstandings and make your life easier during the cold season.

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  1. Use kitty litter and socks to avoid fogging windows. Regular socks or leggings filled with cat filler can be an effective anti-condensation remedy. The cat filler absorbs moisture, preventing condensation from forming on your windows. Leave such filled socks under the dashboard overnight to avoid fogging of the windshield and even the rear windows.
  2. Park the auto in the east for natural defrosting. If possible, park the car "facing" before sunrise. This will allow the windshield to rush against the sun at sunrise, allowing for natural defrosting of the glass and windows.
  3. Use the cat filler as a tool for getting out of the snow. When you're stuck in a snow drift, simply sprinkle kitty litter under your tire and slowly press down on the gas. This will help provide extra traction and help the car get away from the difficult situation.
  4. Use a disinfectant to defrost the locks. Before inserting the key into the lock in cold weather, apply some hand sanitizer to the key. The alcohol in the product will quickly melt the ice inside the lock, preventing it from freezing.
  5. Use WD-40 to defrost and protect locks. WD-40, an aerosol created to prevent corrosion, can be an effective way to defrost and protect locks. Rinsing WD-40 into frozen locks can prevent them from freezing.

Recall, earlier we told you why experienced drivers advise you to depress the gas pedal to the floor. Such an action should definitely be carried out from time to time.

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