You won't need bottles of water: how to fry kebabs so that they do not burn (video)

Diana Bondarenko

You won't need bottles of water: how to fry kebabs so that they do not burn (video)
How not to fry kebabs. Source: pixabay

The weather is getting warmer every day, which encourages outdoor recreation. And the first thing that comes to mind is kebabs. But how to fry them properly so that the meat does not burn?

Chef Oleksandr answered this question on his TikTok. He shared one simple and budget life hack that will not only facilitate the process of roasting meat on an open fire but will help cook perfect kebabs.

The chef is convinced that it is quite easy to achieve evenly fried meat. Anyone can do it if you know certain tricks. In particular, a life hack with ordinary salt. You can also take sea salt.

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"There will be no fire. You can forget about bottles of water," Oleksandr said.

According to him, before you put skewers with kebabs to grill, you should season the coals with ordinary salt. This is necessary so that the temperature of the coals is uniform and the meat does not burn.

"It will stabilize this whole thing," the cook emphasized.

Oleksandr added that it is important to throw a handful of salt on the coals and move to a safe distance. After all, salt can crack and "shoot" in the first seconds.

Bon appetit!

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