It will delight the eye throughout the year: how to properly care for a poinsettia

Maria Tsikhotska

It will delight the eye throughout the year: how to properly care for a poinsettia

Many people choose poinsettias as a gift for the New Year or Christmas. This spectacular plant with decorative dark green leaves and large bright red bracts can delight you with its beauty if you create the right conditions for it, Ukr.Media reports. Experts note that caring for poinsettias can be challenging, especially in low light during winter and when heating is on. Gardening expert Sean Lade emphasizes that these indoor plants are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and can wilt from insufficient watering.

Poinsettias do not tolerate low temperatures, and even a short walk from the store to the car in cold weather can harm them. When choosing a place for a poinsettia pot, it is important to avoid proximity to radiators and provide sufficient lighting, possibly with the organization of additional daylight. The plant also needs regular watering: "Water when the top layer of soil dries, but don't let it dry out completely," advises Leid.

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When the poinsettia blooms in January or February, the natural process includes shedding the leaves. This is normal and can be supported by pruning the plant to stimulate lateral growth. Proper care will contribute to the long flowering of the poinsettia - up to 3-4 months and even longer, preventing premature burnout of its elongated bright red bracts.

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