Diseases and misfortunes: What signs and phenomena in the house portend trouble

Ihor Romanko

What signs and superstitions in the house mean bad luck

Life is full of mysterious realities, and many people believe in certain signs and superstitions that can affect their fate and happiness. It's worth noting that these beliefs have long existed in different cultures and nations, and they continue to influence the lives of many people.

Slavs have always been keen observers of events in their lives, and they believed that many of them were not accidental. Superstitions and omens can be useful because they can warn us of possible troubles or bring good luck, UNIAN writes.

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Here are some of them:

  1. Insects that suddenly appear in an apartment, such as cockroaches, ants, flytraps, or bedbugs, are considered harbingers of illness among the residents of the house.
  2. An unmoving wristwatch can indicate money problems, and a stopped wall clock can be related to health.
  3. A torn or fallen curtain can portend conflicts and quarrels with neighbors.
  4. A withered plant in a room can indicate a series of failures and troubles, and some believed that one should never sleep in such a room.
  5. A broken or cracked mirror is often associated with illness, poor health, and problems in one's personal life.

It is also important to take into account various signs associated with household items. For example, if the new light bulb you recently bought turns off, then according to popular belief, this may portend disagreements in marital relations. It's also important not to leave a window, balcony, or window open when you leave the house, as this is believed to lead to the loss of money.

The kitchen is also a place where many of us encounter various superstitions and omens. Here are some of them:

  1. A broken plate or cup is considered a harbinger of bad luck, and hands should not touch the shards, they should be thrown away or cleaned up with a broom.
  2. If the dishes cracked in a person's hands, it may indicate their intention to do something bad against the owners of the house.
  3. A fallen knife can mean that a man will come to visit, and a fork - that a woman will come. If you don't want to see guests, tap the appliance three times on the floor.
  4. Cutting something on the table is considered a harbinger of divorce and quarrels between lovers.
  5. Leaving a knife in the bread after slicing it can cause hunger and the need for money.
  6. Lending salt to someone is considered a transfer of happiness and good luck.
  7. Waving bread crumbs off the table with your hand can indicate the arrival of poverty, so it is better to use a rag.

There are also pleasant signs associated with cutlery that can bring joy and hope. For example, crossed spoons in a pot can indicate an upcoming marriage, and crossed knives when setting the table can predict a trip in the near future.

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