Blogger shows how easy it is to "revive" stale bread (video)

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Blogger shows how easy it is to 'revive' stale bread (video)

Bread becomes stale because the starch crystallizes, absorbing water from the bread. Technically, the moisture is still in the bread, just in a solid crystalline form.

This means that bread can be revitalized in several ways. Blogger Becca shared on her TikTok account how to make stale bread fresh again.

"I really wanted toast for breakfast and I didn't want to waste it, and then I saw a video of a guy pouring water over stale bread and then putting it in the oven at 200C for five minutes," she said.

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The key is to heat the bread to a level where it can absorb water without causing moisture to evaporate. The results will only last a few hours, so eat the bread right away.

In the comments, people have also suggested using the microwave to revitalize stale bread. Just put the loaf over a glass of water and heat it up.

We would like to remind you that bread can be replaced with Indian flatbreads made from whole wheat atta flour. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that chapatis (as these flatbreads are called) can be eaten on their own or filled with various fillings.

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