White or black bread? Which bread is healthier

Ihor Romanko

Which bread is healthier for the stomach
Which bread is better for the stomach

Bread is one of the most common food products in Ukraine. It can be made from different types of flour, including wheat, rye, barley, and others.

But what is the difference between black bread and white bread and which one is healthier? The UNIAN publication told which bread is healthier and whether it is really worth buying black bread.

  • Black bread is made from wholemeal flour, which contains more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than the higher-grade flour used to make white bread. Fiber helps to improve digestion, and vitamins and minerals are essential for the health of the body.
  • White bread contains less fiber, vitamins and minerals than black bread. It also has a higher glycemic index, which means it raises blood sugar levels faster.

Which bread is healthier?

From a health perspective, black bread is healthier than white bread. It contains more fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for a healthy body.

However, black bread can also be higher in calories than white bread. Therefore, if you are watching your weight, it is important to eat it in moderation.

What kind of bread to choose?

When choosing bread in the store, pay attention to its composition. The best choice is black bread made from wholemeal flour. You can also choose gray bread, which is a mixture of wheat and rye flour.

Avoid white bread, which is made from high-grade flour.

Attention: This content is for informational purposes only and does not contain any medical advice. For medications, diagnoses and other medical advice, please consult your doctor.

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