7 prejudices about cats believed around the world

Kateryna Dutik

7 prejudices about cats believed around the world

Everyone knows that black cats are considered unlucky or lucky depending on the day, where you are and whether they cross your path from left to right or right to left. Cats have attracted many different prejudices over the years, some easier to believe than others.

However, some prejudices from around the world will change your opinion of these animals. Mental Floss writes about it .

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1. Cats are gossipers.

In the Netherlands, cats are apparently considered to be constructions that will gladly tell all your deepest and darkest secrets. For this reason, people try not to have important or private conversations while the cat is in the room, in case it is eavesdropping.

2. If a cat washes its face with its paws, it indicates the arrival of unexpected guests.

According to Japanese belief, if a cat washes its face with its paws, it's not just leaving, it means guests are on their way. Similar prejudices exist in other countries: some people in the United States expect a visit from a clergyman if a cat brushes its whiskers.

3. To hear a cat sneeze is good luck.

In Italy, hearing a cat sneeze is considered good luck. In particular, if your pet sneezes, it means that you are waiting for money. If the bride on her wedding day hears a cat sneezing, it means that the marriage will be successful. However, be careful - one pche can be good luck, if the cat sneezes three times, it supposedly indicates that you will catch a cold.

4. Black cats sink ships.

Of all cat species, the most superstitions are associated with black cats. This may be due to the ancient Egyptian belief that black cats were associated with the goddess Bastet, and keeping one would bring favor. It may be related to the European belief that witches were familiar with black cats, and therefore were endowed with evil traits.

One black cat omen you may not have heard of is that if a black cat enters a ship and then retreats again, the ship will sink on its next voyage (although, according to old Irish and British prejudices, black cats did bring good luck for the ship).

5. Cats can raise the dead.

In parts of Southern Europe, folklore claims that if a cat jumps over a man's grave, he will rise again in the form of a vampire. This idea spread beyond Southern Europe: in the late 19th century, William Henderson recounted that in England, a cat once jumped over a coffin during a funeral, and no one wanted to move until the cat was killed.

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6. It is possible to get married if you feed a cat from your shoe.

Pop culture has turned cats into a symbol of eternal loneliness. According to one book on Pennsylvania German traditions, cats can help a woman who really wants to get married. All she has to do is "feed the cat from her shoe," although prejudice doesn't tell her what should happen next or how to get the cat's unfinished food out of her shoe.

7. Wet cats can cause rain.

You might suspect there's a confusion between cause and effect going on here, but in some parts of Indonesia, cats are associated with the weather. If people wanted it to rain, they would pour water on the cat. This cat probably caused the rain as revenge.

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