5 plants that drive away evil spirits and bad energy from the home

Kateryna Dutik

Indoor plants from evil spirits - which flowerpots cleanse the house of negative energy
What indoor plants will protect the house from negativity and spirits

It's no secret that having plants at home has many benefits. Not only are houseplants beautiful, they can also lift our mood, produce oxygen, calm us down, and cleanse the house of negativity.

According to Sante Plus, some plants are a great solution to protect your home from bad energy. They also bring benefits to the mind and body.

1. St. George's sword or Sansevieria

Sansevieria. Source: santeplusmag.com

It is said that this plant is a protective shield against negative energy entering the house, so many people put a large pot of this beautiful plant at the entrance to their homes.

2. Dieffenbachia

With its gorgeous green leaves, this plant has a reputation as a home protector. However, take precautions if you have pets or children in your home, as it is a toxic plant to them.

3. Peace lily

Peaceful lily
Peace lily. Source: santeplusmag.com

The peace lily with its white flowers is also on the list of the best plants for the home: it protects against bad energy, purifies the environment, and provides fresh, clean oxygen. This plant is easy to care for: it does not need to be left in the sun, but it does need good natural light.

4. Rosemary

If you want to ward off bad energy, place vases of rosemary in the rooms of the house where you are most often. It is very easy to grow.

5. Anamu

Those who believe in it say that anamu has tremendous power to protect against spirits. Anamu is widely used in medicine for its therapeutic properties.

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