5 prejudices that may actually be real

Kateryna Dutik

5 prejudices that may actually be real

Superstitions are firmly rooted in our culture. Even from childhood, you probably knew that you should avoid stepping on cracks in sidewalks to avoid breaking your mother's back, and stay away from broken mirrors or you're doomed to seven years of bad luck. When you grew up, you apparently learned that prejudice isn't real. You even walk under a ladder or open an umbrella indoors without fear of bad luck or loss of good fortune.

Astrologers told Best Life in a commentary that some inhibitions are actually real. They advise you to think twice than not heed ancient wise advice.

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1. Evil eye

Superstitions about the evil eye

"The evil eye" is the notion that envious glances from others can bring bad luck. It is known all over the world, from Latin America to West Africa to Asia and Europe. Perhaps that's because there is some truth to it.

"The influence of negative energy and focused intentions is a topic that is often discussed in the field of psychology, emphasizing the idea that our thoughts can actually affect our surroundings to a certain extent," explained astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac Raquel Rodriguez.

He suggested looking at a real-life example: imagine you've been promoted in the office, but not your best friend, who is also your coworker. Your coworker might cast an evil eye on you, even unintentionally, and start treating you differently, perhaps even blowing up your reputation at the firm.

According to an astrologer, you should wear a bad eye amulet to ward off negativity.

2. Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde occurs three or four times a year and lasts about three weeks.

"During these periods, the planet Mercury seems to move backwards in the sky, and many people believe this brings communication and technological disruptions," explained professional astrologer Liz Roby.

Science may not fully endorse it, she said, but Mercury retrograde does coincide with periods of heightened misunderstanding and unexpected disruptions. Use this as a cosmic reminder to slow down and be mindful in your interactions.

3- Full Moon Madness

Full moon

Another celestial prejudice is that the full moon causes strange behavior and events.

"I know a lot of skeptics will ridicule this, but scientifically it makes sense: the gravitational pull of the moon does affect the tides and water on Earth," explained Wisdom of The Spirit owner Sophia Rose, adding that our bodies are mostly made up of water, so it makes sense that a full moon might also have little effect on people.

Over the years, she has noticed that the full moon coincides with clients reporting vivid dreams, sleep problems and chaotic days. A 2011 study published in the World Journal of Surgery found that more than 40% of medical personnel believe that Moon phases influence human behavior.

4- Walking under a stepladder

Walking on a stepladder is considered bad luck in many cultures - and it's probably something to avoid.

"A ladder can be unstable, and you may not even notice if someone is on it," astrologer Tina Caro told astrologer Tina Caro, adding that this lack of awareness could potentially lead to accidents, such as falling objects or the ladder itself toppling over.

Instead of simply avoiding passing directly underneath stepladders, make a wide circle around them whenever you encounter one in your path.

5. Spill oil on the floor

In Hindu astrology, accidentally spilling oil on the floor is considered unfavorable and can lead to financial loss or unexpected expenses. Again this is something you'll want to avoid for practical reasons.

"The slippery surface created by spilled oil poses a significant risk of slipping and injury," astrologers explained.

Cleaning up such a mess isn't an easy task either: it takes a lot of effort and several attempts to completely remove the oil residue and make sure the floor is safe to walk on again.

Sprinkle some salt or baking soda on the spill to make it easier to clean. This may not eliminate superstition, but it should ensure that no one slips and falls.

As a reminder, when you decide to get rid of your old purse, it 's important to know how to do it properly so you don't bring negative energy into your well-being and finances.

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