5 unlucky things you should never keep at home

Kateryna Dutik

5 unlucky things you should never keep at home

Certified feng shui consultant Leslie VanDerveen told us which items bring bad luck. It's best not to keep them at home and get rid of them right away.

According to her, feng shui is the art of using elements, colors and placement of objects to enhance and balance the energy and harmony of the environment. Best Life writes about it .

"A home that is clutter-free, functional, organized and well-appointed will promote harmony, balance and creativity," the expert said.

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5 home things that bring bad luck according to feng shui

1. Anything dead or dying. Don't go on with withered flowers, rotting vases, dead animals, or anything that depicts death or desolation at home.

According to feng shui, any dead or dying décor can "bring dead or destructive energy into the home".

2. Spiny plants. According to feng shui, those cacti you love so much, or anything else that is prickly, "brings tension and confrontation into the home."

Also, any other items with thorns placed "facing away from the bed or door" act as "poison arrows" that generate negative energy and cause conflict or tension in the home. This includes knives on the kitchen counter or any furniture with sharp corners.

3. Broken things. According to feng shui, broken items "represent both internal and external clutter in your life" and should be disposed of.

Experts say people may hang a painting with a damaged frame or use a coffee table with a chipped corner. The presence of these items symbolizes imperfections and can attract negative energy, which can manifest through difficulties or obstacles in various areas of life.

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4. Mirrors in the wrong place. In feng shui, mirrors facing the wrong way are believed to bring bad luck.

VanDerwen advises placing mirrors in a way that offers a "beautiful and inspiring view" and not to place them facing the TV, toilet or workplace.

You should also avoid placing a mirror in your bedroom, as it will interfere with restful sleep.

Instead, place a mirror opposite a window to expand and brighten the room, or in a hallway where the front door is not displayed, this can send good energy 'straight out of the house'. You can also use a mirror in the dining room or living room to add festive energy.

5. Clutter. A common design flaw is insufficient storage space, resulting in cluttered countertops or disorganized bookshelves. The presence of clutter inhibits the flow of positive energy, creating an environment where chaos and stress can thrive.

It is also important not to overcrowd a room with large furniture or excessive decor, as this also leaves little room for the flow of good energy.

Experts are convinced that cramped spaces not only make a room look smaller, but also create a depressing atmosphere that can contribute to feelings of stress and discomfort.

As a reminder, when you decide to get rid of your old purse, it 's important to know how to do it properly so you don't bring negative energy into your well-being and finances.

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