The 5 best dog breeds for walking and running

Kateryna Dutik

The best dog breeds for running
The best dog breeds for running

Veterinarians have named the best dog breeds for walking and running. With such pets, you can easily lead an active lifestyle.

Note that it is important to choose a breed that suits your lifestyle. Best Life writes about this.

1. Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois
Belgian Malinois. Source: Shutterstock

The graceful, strong, and muscular Belgian Malinois is known for its highly productive nature. Because they are natural shepherds, they also have a reputation for being intelligent and obedient working dogs.

Malinois have a lot of energy, so they are often used in police and military work. They need regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated, and running is an effective way to achieve this. They are also a very agile breed that will have no problem overcoming obstacles.

2. German Shorthaired (Kurzhaar)

Kurzhaar. Source: Shutterstock

German Shorthaired Coonhounds are another breed of dog that make great running partners. These dogs are known for their athleticism, stamina, and high energy levels.

Veterinarian Courtney Jackson agrees that they are ideal pets for people who enjoy long walks or running. They were bred for hunting, so they have great stamina and can walk several miles a day.

3. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell terrier
Jack Russell Terrier. Source: Shutterstock

If you're looking for a smaller breed to accompany you on your walks or runs, consider a Jack Russell Terrier. They are small, energetic dogs known for their agility and enthusiasm to keep up with the runner. Their shorter legs make them a great choice for short to medium distances, but you can gradually build their endurance for longer distances.

4. Border Collie

Border collie
Border Collie. Source: Shutterstock

Loyal, affectionate, and intelligent, Border Collies are considered to be great family dogs. They are also great running partners due to their high energy level and agility. They are also intelligent and are often herders or participate in various dog sports.

However, do not forget that this dog was bred to work long days and will need both mental and physical training to become a good family member.

5. Dalmatian

Dalmatian. Source: Shutterstock

Dalmatians are mostly known for their bright spotted coat, a trait that often overshadows their natural athleticism and intelligence.

"If you're an avid runner, Dalmatians are the perfect breed," says trainer Daniel Coghill. Although their origins are unknown, they were used as carriage dogs for much of the 17th and 18th centuries. They ran alongside the horses to protect the horses and their passengers from various dangers on the road.

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