10 important reasons why you are not losing weight

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10 important reasons why you are not losing weight
10 important reasons why you are not losing weight


1. You don't drink enough quality water. Usually, all attention is focused on food: we choose low-calorie foods, limit portions, look for combinations of foods that work "for slimming" etc. Water is the basis and beginning of any physiological process in the body. You need to drink enough, from 1.5 to 3.5 liters of water, depending on your height, weight, physical activity, health, and climatic conditions. 2/3 of the water should be drunk before 17:00, while the kidneys and the hormonal system that regulates water metabolism in the body are actively working. It is important that you at least like the taste of the water. Try to drink in between meals. It is conditionally allowed to wash down food with warm water at 50 °C.

Adequate water intake promotes intestinal peristaltic activity, increases the efficiency of the lymphatic drainage system, and reduces the feeling of false hunger.

2. Eat large meals, but rarely. An excess of food ingredients and calories in one large portion can: a) put a strain on the digestive organs, resulting in less digestive juices being produced, food being poorly absorbed, and subsequently, the body may experience a deficiency in a number of nutrients. And when cells lack high-quality working material, we start overeating light carbohydrates.

3. Eat carbohydrates for dinner. Cereal and legume cereals, bread, potatoes, beets, pizza, and pasta are not suitable carbohydrates for dinner. If you like these foods, eat them at lunchtime.

4. Eat fruit at night. Grapes, melon, watermelon, peaches, etc. are the best time to eat natural sweets in the morning. As a last resort, have a snack before 16:00.

5. Eat a lot of fruit. If you are not a raw foodist or a fruitarian, you will get better, because in this case, fruit is an addition to the main traditional meals.

6. Do not monitor regular stools. Losing weight is, among other things, the process of removing toxic substances from the fat cell to the lymph->blood->liver->bile->intestines->kidneys. If intestinal motility is slowed down, toxic metabolites are reintroduced into the liver with the bloodstream, distracting and further stressing the organ. The liver is the main place where the question of where and how fat is stored in the body is decided.

7. Not enough movement. If you need to lose, for example, 10 kg of fat, then most likely, at first, it will be enough for you to get the result by connecting 1.5 hours of active movement in the gym/pool per day to a proper diet. If you eat right and in moderation, but still can't lose your constant 2-5 kg of fat, then 1.5 hours of active movement per day is not enough. Especially if the physical activity takes place in the morning, and then you sit all day. The main enemy of the last extra pounds is lymphatic stagnation, which interferes with metabolic processes.

8. Drink a lot of coffee. Three cups of coffee (especially with milk) a day can make it impossible for you to lose the last 2-5 kg. Coffee disrupts digestive processes that are closely related to weight loss. It reduces the process of bile secretion, and thus the absorption of nutrients from food. The body becomes deficient in a number of trace elements and vitamins that are involved in the metabolic processes of fat burning.

9. You eat too often and do not estimate the total amount of food you eat per day. I often encounter a situation where a person losing weight is perplexed and complains about the lack of results with a seemingly correct diet and physical activity. The first thing I suggest in this case is to record everything you eat during the day in the app. At the end of the day/week, a vainly losing weight person will find surprises in the form of a large number of unconscious snacks, often quite high in calories.

10. Eating well and a lot is your hobby, your defense, your sleeping pill, your mood. You want to lose weight, but it is almost impossible for you to leave your comfort zone until you want to look for a suitable alternative to a "happiness generator" for you. Set your priorities again - perhaps at the moment the process of losing weight and the result will not bring you the expected pleasure and psychological comfort