10 great gifts that introverts will love

Kateryna Dutik

The best birthday gifts - what to give an introvert - the best gifts for introverts
The best gifts for introverts

Not sure what to give to a person who spends a lot of time at home and avoids socializing? Don't worry, because experts have suggested a way out.

Mental Floss has prepared a list of thoughtful gifts that introverts will definitely like.

1. Oversized hooded blanket with a hood

Homebodies love to create coziness, and this hooded blanket will help them do just that. It's a versatile hoodie with fleece on the outside and insulation on the inside, as well as a convenient pocket.

Oversized hoodie blanket
Oversized hoodie blanket. Source: Amazon

2. Soft house slippers

Keep your introvert warm with these comfortable and adorable slippers. Choose the ones that are best suited for your friend or significant other.

3. Reusable stainless steel thermal mug

There's nothing introverts like more than sitting at home with a nice cup of tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate). So take a closer look at a stainless steel mug, which is mostly available in different sizes and with different patterns.

4. The book

First of all, consider your friend's preferences and buy the book he or she wants or a gift certificate to a bookstore.

5. A scented candle

For introverts and homebodies, there is nothing better than when their plans are canceled. Give them a candle with a mixture of soy wax and paraffin wax scented with vanilla, lavender, etc. to mark the occasion.

6. Power bank

Social situations can be overwhelming for introverts. Therefore, give a portable charger to an introvert so that they will never be faced with a dead phone battery when they feel like ignoring the world and all the people around them.

7. Good headphones

Do you know what else will help your introvert shut out the world? A good pair of noise-canceling headphones.

8. An interesting puzzle

Look for interesting puzzles that will make a great picture.

9. Painting by numbers

10. Board game or puzzle

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