10 ingenious ways to use wooden pallets: photos

Kateryna Dutik

Wooden pallets - how to use wooden pallets
How to use wooden pallets.

Wooden pallets can be used in completely unique ways. Give them a "second life", and you will get a fashionable and unusual furniture or decorative elements.

You just need a little creativity and you don't have to be a craftsman. The publication Sante Plus offered 10 original ideas how to reuse wooden pallets.

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1. Candle holder for the street

Such a candlestick can be put on the street, in the garden, which will give glamor and amaze guests, and dinner at dawn with such lighting will definitely be special. You will need jute twine, nails and sandpaper.

Wooden candle holder
Wooden candle holder. Source: santeplusmag.com

2. Vase made from pallets

Don't have the time or money to buy unique vases and have old wooden pallets gathering dust? Here's a way to combine your needs and resources. This way, you'll have more garden space and items worthy of major designers in your home.

Wooden Pallets
Wooden vase. Source: santeplusmag.com

3. hinged cupboard

Wooden pallets can, for example, be transformed into shelves for storing varnishes and other products.

Lacquer cabinet
Hanging cupboard for things and trifles. Source: santeplusmag.com

4. Trays in the kitchen

Walking into your kitchen and you notice that it's overflowing with dishes? Consider collecting wooden pallets and turning them into storage. This will allow you to tidy up the room on the one hand and give it some character on the other.

What to make out of pallets
Kitchen Storage. Source: santeplusmag.com

5. Use pallets as wine racks

If you want to collect wine bottles but you don't have furniture suitable for your collection? Use wooden pallets to make a bottle holder.

How to store wine
Wine Storage. Source: santeplusmag.com

6. DVD storage trays

In the digital age, and especially in recent years when the supply of video on demand has never been more diverse, does anyone still watch DVDs? You'd be surprised how much some movie buffs take care of their DVD collection. Instead of buying furniture to categorize and store their movie masterpieces, consider recycling wooden pallets to create a unique DVD rack at a lower cost.

DVD storage trays
DVD storage pallets. Source: santeplusmag.com

7. Make a shelf out of wooden pallets

What could be better than personalized pallets that can be used to create wall shelves and give your interior a cozy look? You'll find that your guests will envy this idea when they see the potential of these simple pieces of wood.

What to make from wooden pallets
Shelf made of pallets. Source: santeplusmag.com

8. Pallets for a bookcase

Make a special place for books out of wooden pallets.

Bookcase. Source: santeplusmag.com

9. Shoe shelf

Pallets apart from their known uses can also serve as shoe shelves. You can display your sneakers, shoes, boots practically as you would in a store.

Shoe shelf
Shoe shelf. Source: santeplusmag.com

10. Bathroom furniture made from pallets

In the end, here's the last tip and it's no less important. Pallets are the perfect base for creating bathroom furniture. Your toilet paper rolls, brushes, or even beauty products will finally have a dedicated space.

Bathroom furniture made from pallets
Bathroom furniture made from pallets. Source: santeplusmag.com

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